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Our Current System

It’s quite clear that we need a reboot, reset, restructuring of our election system. The issues are dark money, special interests, corruption, gerrymandering, party and identity politics..the list goes on and on. Many measures have been passed to help, but so far nothing has brought real change and put an end to the abuses of our election system.


It all started as far back as the early 1800’s when the first mud slinging and negative campaigning began. Media spin picked up with the advent of TV and the 1950’s marked the first run of a political ad. Today things have morphed into a reality TV popularity contest and not a job interview like it should be. And we buy into it all. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on campaigning and we gladly provide a willing audience for the circus side show.


It’s a Job

Would you let your doctor be some popular TV personality like Hugh Laurie? He did play a doctor on TV. I think Hugh Laurie is awesome but I wouldn’t let him provide medical care for me since he isn’t a trained physician. If I were a hospital director, I would not hire him for anything other than a commercial.

Why are we electing people for positions they have no experience in, no training for, and no education in..? Because they speak our language ? Because they say things we like to hear ? Because they rouse our emotions ? They seem like a cool person ? Funny? Good looking? Rich?


Rick Perry Current Secretary of Energy– Bachelor of Science degree in animal science. Interned for sales. Officer in the air force. Texas government: Legislature, governor, unsuccessful presidential run. Now Secretary of Energy.

Previous Secretary of Energy: Ernest Moniz, Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in physics,  PhD in theoretical physics.

Previous to him: Steven Chu,  B.A. in mathematics, B.S. in physics, Ph.D. in physics

Ben Carson – Current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – B.A. in psychology, M.D. from University of Michigan Medical School, a career in medicine.

Previous Secretary of Housing: Julian Castro, bachelor’s degree in political science and communications, Juris Doctor from Hardvard Law. Lawyer, San Antonio City Counsel and mayor.

Before him: Shaun Donovan –  A.B. from Harvard College, Master of Public Administration, Master of Architecture. Years working in affordable housing, housing initiatives.

I am all for giving people room to grow, experience and do new things but when looking for qualified people to do the best job in a position, I’d go with the people with relevant education and work experience.

Your mayor, governor, local legislature, congress person, senator, and president, should have some managerial experience in business. Familiarity with finance and accounting. Logistics, planning, public works and administration, law, grade school science, or any smattering of applicable, verifiable skills and education.

This isn’t a popularity contest. These people want jobs. Jobs in service to you, the public. Why are we giving these jobs to people who consistently act against our best interests ?

Here are some suggestions for reform:

Full transparency of finances. To be considered for any public service position that requires election, you must divulge previous income and sources. Tax returns. Financial status will be reviewed during term of office. Any infraction will result in immediate removal and disbarment from future consideration for public service positions. This information will be posted for public/voter review.

No campaigning. Period. There will be a centralized web site where the job description will be listed and any interested parties can post their resume, relevant education, experience, and positions on current issues- this will include a voting record for candidates in current positions. This information will be checked and verified by an independent/3rd party entity. A back ground check will also be conducted, results posted as well.

Contributions and Funding. See above. Contributions, donations, or funding of any kind will not be permitted. It is not needed. Accepting any money will result in immediate disqualification and disbarment from future consideration for any public service position.

There will be no advertisement. Negative campaigning, trash ads, or other media presence (facebook, twitter, etc), by candidates for public offices will be strictly prohibited, outside of listing previous employment, relevant education and experience, and positions on current issues. There will be a public service type of ad – listing open positions, interested candidates, referring all voters to the previously mentioned web site for more information. Violation will be grounds for immediate disqualification, removal if in current position, suspension for 10 years. After 10 years if in consideration for a position, previous infraction will be noted for public/voter review.

Yearly Review. During public service employment, all elected employees will be subject to review which will be posted for public/voter review. Execution in current duties, current voting tallies on issues, etc. This information will be included in postings for candidates up for election in public service.

Voter Registration. All adults, 18 or older, as with current guidelines can register to vote. Voter registration will be verified every year and if no verification is confirmed, that voter will be removed from registration.

Election day. Any election day, be it local, primaries, national, etc., will be considered a paid work holiday. Every citizen of  legal age (18) and above, will be free to participate in any and all elections without penalty from work, school, or other considerations.

Term Limits. All elected officials will have term limits. Appointed judicial positions will have term limits.




Republican-and-Democratic-mascotsSince the advent of the “two” party democratic system, the predominant parties have been at odds with each other. Political mudslinging has been a staple in the American political machine since the late 1700’s and hasn’t changed in over 200 years. A sad fact if you think about it.  It has been a common place practice to attack the character of your opponent in most political races. If you can’t beat them flat out on issues of policy and doing the job, start tearing them down on a personal level. And we as Americans have accepted this, even fed into it. The truly disappointing fact is that it works rather well.  Divide and concur has been a long standing rule in any power seeking to undermine and control the people it seeks to subdue (govern), why do we allow it to continue ?

In those 200 years we claim to have evolved and developed a better system compared to anything else out there. So why do we have two political parties that go after each other like school children on the playground?  Seriously, this is the best we can do? This is the better system? If we are above and beyond the rest then why do we still employ mudslinging, character assassination, base emotional manipulation, and divide and concur methods in our governmental/political practices?  I know many will say we have done an awesome job and we have the best country in the world. I would have to answer that retort with a question – do we really ? Can you look at our political system and confidently say that it gets the job done in an efficient, civic minded way ? Are we as a people truly being served by this process and how it works today ?

I don’t think I have seen an issue  handled or broached without some sort of manipulated partisan twist thrown in to garner allegiance to one party or the other in decades. The constant onslaught of “the dem’s are out to hurt women”, “repubs hate the poor, working class”. etc., is mind boggling. If you stand back far enough can you say with any certainty either party has our best interests at heart ? Is this the best example of government for the people, by the people ?

All the infighting and partisan line drawing has netted us what up to this point in time ? Dysfunction. Disarray. Discontent. And a growing apathy with the status quo of our government.

To be frank I could care less about many of the character flaws that are constantly dug up. I think more and more of the people want folks in office who are going to do the job they set out to do and were elected to do.  And that is exactly what it is, a job. We as tax payers are their employers. They were put in the position for two fundamental reasons – they wanted the job and we hired them.

At some point it has to become irrelevant what party they affiliate with and more about if they are the people who are going to do the job right, and actually get it done like they were hired to do. In any other job on the planet they would get fired out right for not doing the job they were hired for. Yes, we could vote them out at the next election but they’re in the job now and will be for a while and they aren’t cutting it. And while they’re not cutting it, they’re drumming up all this drama, all this puffery, all this distraction to keep our eyes on the party line, tied up in the conflict, and diverted away from the real issue – they aren’t doing the job.

We can’t totally blame them, we allow it to continue and we feed it. Billions of dollars of our money gets spent on this grandstanding and crap flinging. Every time I see a politician “stumping” that’s what I picture, a pissed off monkey shrieking and flinging poo at everyone. And we as other monkeys join the fray, jumping and flinging more poo. This is our evolved, better than everyone else system ? This is the result of the two party system, our two party system.

How can we as evolved monkeys, not interested in flinging poo spend our time and money more wisely? Do we allow the partisan back and forth to continue to stall government and waste billions of our hard earned dollars? This isn’t the Presidents fault. This isn’t the Democrats fault. This isn’t the Republicans fault. It is our fault for letting it continue and feeding into it. It is our fault for teaching them that this is the way to get through to us as a people. We all may not agree on everything, it is human nature (we are humans right?) to disagree. Why let them continue to fuel the fight where there isn’t any? Why continue to let them divide us and create conflict where there probably isn’t? Why allow them to stir us up on issues that aren’t theirs to get involved with to begin with?  Why continue to let them do a crap job and get away with it, and all the while lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate us, the people, so we ignore the truth and don’t hold them accountable?

This isn’t grade school. This isn’t a popularity contest. This is a job and they should be interviewed accordingly. I may not like you as a person but if you are qualified to do the job and can do it well, so be it. Why not approach government the same way?